Glitch Goons takes place in the year 2690. A centuries-old nuclear war has wiped almost everything off the face of the Earth. Descendants of the survivors now live in bunker cities underground, doomed to die for lack of water and oxygen. Their only hope is getting to a distant colony on the planet of Garthorix.

The only way to get there is through a system called the 'Transposition Channel'; which enables a human mind to be transposed from a living body on Earth, into the body of a new 'carrier' on Garthorix.

The Transposition Channel between Earth and Garthorix has limited bandwidth, so not everyone will be able to transpose their minds to Garthorix before the planet Earth expires. There is a fixed and controlled cue for transposition on Earth managed by the mysterious Controllers, who also manage the Transposition Channel. People wait for decades to get into the cue, they are eager to do anything for it. Many people want to find them and bribe, or even kill the Controllers to get into the cue themselves or to get their loved ones into it. As of now, no one has ever succeeded.

On Garthorix there are a number of carrier races, they have been bred specifically to contain human minds transposed into their bodies. A human chooses their initial Garthorix carrier while still on Earth, and after the Transposition, they take full control of the carrier's body on Garthorix. There they can live, travel, buy or catch new carriers, and transpose their mind into one carrier after another. Thus, on Garthorix humans can live forever, changing bodies from time to time.

It's a new world and a sort of wild west for those who have managed to break free from the dying Earth. But, the more people transpose their minds into carriers on Garthorix, the fiercer competition gets for resources and carriers' bodies.