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About the game

Glitch Goons is a mobile fighting game with blockchain elements developed in 2018 by Estonian company Ether Dale. The game features a futuristic vaporwave saturated atmosphere where cybernetic animal-humanoid fighters do battle.

It is one of the first multi-blockchain mobile games on the market, supporting a whole range of cryptocurrencies.

Glitch Goons is a free-to-play game with premium tournaments and a substantial prize pool. The core mechanics are automatic player vs. player combat system with no manual control over the fight, and an advanced character management system to modify your fighter's stats and abilities.

Mechanics Story

about tournaments

All the revenue gained during the pre-sale stage will be used for the in-game tournaments prize pool. Once the game is released, all Glitch Goons players have a chance to compete in the tournament.

However, those who purchase Pre-Sale packages will have the advantage of fighting with high rarity gear. Thus these players will have more chances to win in comparison with those players who won’t buy chests during the Pre-Sale.

Exclusive Pre-sale Packs

Every chest contains five random gear items, which may include: Armor, Boots, Gloves, Helmets, Pants, Mods (Chips), Necklaces, and Weapons. These items range in rarity from common, Rare, Epic, to Legendary. Gear items of the same rarity differ in strength level (aka level of coolness, aka tier) ranging from 3 to 5. Thus, a tier-5 Rare Helmet performs better in combat than a tier-3 Rare Helmet. The tier of your gear items can be upgraded in the game in exchange for GameCoin tokens.


1 Ξ Ξ

Contains five random gear items. Possibly a Rare or an Epic one.


3.5 Ξ Ξ

Contains five random gear items, definitely an Epic one among them. Maybe even a Legendary one.


7 Ξ Ξ

Contains five random gear items, definitely an Epic one among them. Very likely a Legendary one as well.


20 Ξ Ξ

Contains five Epic or Legendary gear items. Definitely one Legendary gear item among them, maybe even two!


20 Ξ Ξ

4 000


5000 Ξ Ξ

1 000 000

How To ...

What are gear sets, and why do you need them?


Fusion Pistol


Fusion Helm


Fusion Boots

In Glitch Goons, you can equip your fighter with lots of different gear. Or - if you want to be cool and get the most out of your gear - you can equip items that belong to the same set. There's a range of gear sets in the game. Five are available for pre-sale: Cosmic, Fusion, Crimson, Shining, and Ancient. They are distributed randomly among the chests.

Items from the same set will have the same name (eg. Crimson Gloves and Crimson Helmet belong to the Crimson Set.) When you equip your fighter with two or more items from the same set, regardless of rarity level, you activate a Set Bonus. Every Set Bonus enhances certain abilities of your fighter, (e.g. the Vortex set bonus enhances damage.)

However, the more Rare, Epic, or Legendary items from the same set your character is equipped, the bigger the bonus is. Therefore the biggest Set Bonus would be equipping all eight Legendary level gear items from the same set.